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HomeWork:  Been working on a few things with our Star Systems and Galaxies and also studying the COVID 17 19 and this popped up:  Stellar corona - Wikipedia

PEACE ... The Greatful Gathers They Are!

Highly qualified and motivated professionals with follow up Communications MCS verified.

Our family to thier's TRUTHFUL we All Set!  If in Quincy CA and need help with supplies go to The Grange Building next to the old State Farm Business across the street from the CHP office that carries our flag.


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Highly qualified and motivated professionals

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The Leader In Many Military Personal Courage Examples!  Pls feel free to contact our MILITARY PAST for the LEAD by EXAMPLES!


Fort Benning, Fort Gordan, Fort Sill to Quincy CA

We Always Have Good News!

The Soldiers Creed

The Promise From GOD for those that BEAR the CROSS!!

ISAIAH 55:4 - “Behold, I have given him for a witness to the people, a leader and commander to the people.”

Remember Me as Paul would say - Stay with in the Holy Spirit 2 KEEP the Peace!

They Are Here - FACT!

 This Is COVID19 - FACT!

They Follow The Leader - That's Why U Need A Base Station - US!

Point Guard 4 Others ... Watch .. Listen . Learn to help America overcome the invasion through communication from ALL POINTS ALL SET and local law.

With History we learn lesson that the Christ Jesus and the USA with tender marked with iN GOD WE TRUST that taught us that American's with no input into Social Security marked them as easy targets for Organized Crime to isolate them from our cores values that saturated our FREEDOM.  I must admit I was never offered a path with them nor a retirement safe enviroment of freedom at any age.  BIG RED FLAG and a no win situation for them here.  I'm constantly communicating with all their defiant rejected communication.

Donations/Tender accepted now to assist.  Please contact if can HELP.  The MSSM MASTER SWARM INTERNATIONAL TERRITORY can be reached at 530-922-8740 or by selecting the CONTACT TAB at the top of the website. 

Organized Crime — FBI



The Best You With Everyone!

The Best You!

Tender Needed/Requested 2 Spend The Day On A Ride A Long/Field Trip ... 
While Having Fun With The Master Swarm!

Beyond The Basic Top Secret Shadow Soldier

Finding Yourself With Others ... A Man That Walk's With OTHERS Can Help!
This is not a organization that will push Religion or God upon, myself, Marc Chandler ShippMarino loves HE>i.

Security Solutions ... Signal Solutions .. Solutions 4 Solutions . With GOD All Things Are Possible!

Marc C.  ShippMarino 

Take The Time For ALL SET and Others, such as reset, 2 Know The Collective 4 Reconstruction 2 Respect and Help With Solutions 4 ALL Signals 2 Implement SUPREME Success.  Overwhelming communication without permission will be fixed!

The MSSM Master Swarm International Territory SMMS is for your success!

  1. Honor
  2. Honest
  3. Sanctioned
  4. Duty
  5. Respect
  6. Discovery
  7. Dispatch 

Being Connected Has So Many Options .. Multiple Decisions That Need To Be Addressed Quickly While Implementing  Specialist Solutions Who Help With:  SolveRedeveolpeSignals

The Military Command System that's ALL SET .. The MCS . A Master's Education from the Army and Army National Guard of the United States of America.  The MSSM Master Swarm International Territory SMMS.



That We Can Trust Each Other!

We guarantee fast and discrete handling of all your business tasks once you have decided to be apart of OUR TEAM which is available day and night – because your satisfaction is our highest priority. Contracts can also include Invoices that can be billed with multiple solutions here along with many other solutions for your success. 


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